1-on-1 Japanese lessons with
professional Japanese teachers for anyone, anywhere

SuraPera is an online learning platform where you can study the language and culture of Japan. It is very simple to use. You can take private lessons with highly skilled, certified teachers that will help you become fluent in Japanese in the shortest time possible.

On SuraPera, you can study Japanese at the level that suits you. Whether you are a beginner or a fluent speaker wanting to brush up on your business Japanese skills, you will find lessons that meet your needs. You can start learning today, no matter where you are, as long as you have a device with Zoom installed and a stable Internet connection.

The name “SuraPera” is actually a combination of two Japanese adverbs, “surasura” and “perapera.” They both mean “to speak fluently.” And this is our ultimate goal – to teach you how to speak Japanese in a “surasura” and “perapera” manner!

Advantages of taking Japanese lessons at SuraPera

Advantage #1

Learn from certified native Japanese teachers

All SuraPera teachers are Japanese native speakers with Japanese teaching certificates. They have extensive experience in online teaching and can provide you with lessons appropriate for your language level and goals.

On a teacher’s profile page, you can see their teaching careers and personal interests. You can also read their reviews and see their ratings so that you can find the right teacher for you.

Advantage #2

Personalized lessons tailored to your goals

Each learner sets their own studying goals. Do you want to be able to chat with your friends in Japanese? Do you want to watch your favorite anime in its original language? Are you planning to study in Japan? Do you want to start a career there?

SuraPera teachers will arrange lessons based on what you want to learn. Also, SuraPera teachers can share your entire learning history in our system. This way, you can easily change teachers at any time without losing track of your progress.

Advantage #3

Bite-sized lessons for steady progress

Each SuraPera lesson is 25 minutes long. That allows you to squeeze in some study time before you head off to school or work, to take a quick lesson during your lunch break, or to have a chat in Japanese just before you go to sleep.

Our booking system is very simple.

Bite-sized learning is the fastest way to master Japanese. You can book your lesson up to 12 hours before it starts, so study actively and practice with a native Japanese speaker whenever you get a chance!

Advantage #4

Affordable price plans

SuraPera offers affordable and simple monthly price plans. Choose one of the six plans according to your lifestyle and study goals. The more points a plan includes, the cheaper your lessons will be! You can continue studying for as long as you want at the same price, regardless of the teacher you choose or the types of lessons you take.

When you sign up for SuraPera, you will receive bonus points for one free trial lesson. Just create an account and give it a try – no strings attached!