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Teacher’s Name ゆきえ
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Hello. I have worked at a Japanese language school. Now I teach Japanese online to people from various countries and ages.
I do grammar, conversation, culture, composition, etc. according to what you want to study.

Grammar: Grammar: For beginner level, Minna no Nihongo/Genki is used. For intermediate level and above, "New Complete Master" or "Soumatome" is used. You can buy the textbooks or not. Basically, I will make materials and share them with you. After the lesson, I will send you the materials.
If you have a text you would like to use, please consult with us.
We can also read books or articles together that you want to read.

Conversation・・・We will do free talk. For beginners who are not comfortable with free talk, I will prepare scripts and vocabulary words according to the theme of the talk and read them as we talk.

Culture・・・If you talk about culture during the free talk or tell us what kind of culture you want to know about in Japan, we will tell you about it.

Composition・・・Send us a composition you have written. We will correct it and explain it to you at the lesson and fix it together.

Otherwise, tell me what you want to do and we will do it accordingly.

About me.
I like Disney.
. I like cafes.
∙ Worked in a daycare center
I'm Japanese but I can't eat wasabi.
I live in Tokyo.
I am interested in other cultures.
I like summer.
I have to lose weight but I can't do it easily.

Let's have a fun lesson with me.

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Certificates 日本語教師養成講座420時間修了

Completed 420 hours of Japanese language teacher training course
Passed the Japanese Language Education Proficiency Test
kindergarten teacher