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    日本 (Japan)
Teacher’s Name Shun
Gender Male
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About Me ・日本語教育能力検定に合格、420時間の日本語教師養成課程を修了

趣味 読書(村上春樹)・アニメ・ゲーム・漫画・旅行・サッカー観戦・銅版画・パステル画など



・ Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competence Test and completed the 420-hour Japanese teacher training course.
・ I teach only in Japanese. If you wish, I also use English and Italian as a supplement.
・ I studied abroad at an art university in Italy for 3 years. I have experience teaching Japanese in Italy.

Reading (Haruki Murakami), animation, games, manga, travel, watching soccer games, copperplate prints, pastel drawings, renaissance, etc.

Friendly and patient personality. Let's enjoy the class together!

*When you make a reservation, please tell me in detail what you want to study.

Parlo il`italiano.
Certificates ・日本語教育検定合格