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    日本 (Japan)
Teacher’s Name Nicole
Gender Female
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About Me こんにちは。いっしょに楽(たの)しく日本語(にほんご)を勉強(べんきょう)しましょう。
I got a master's degree in Japanese as a foreign language from a graduate school in Australia. I have been teaching Japanese for more than 20 years at the International Language Center of Nagoya University where international students from about 75 countries (Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia) study. I can teach at any level, from beginner to advanced. English is used as a medium of instruction in the beginner's class at the university. I also have experience as an assistant in the Japanese language department of a university in USA, so I can explain detailed grammar in English. I have a large stock of basic grammar practice materials. Also, since I have been developing Kanji (Chinese characters) teaching materials for many years, I am good at teaching Kanji. Outside of university, I also have experience teaching Japanese to foreigners mainly from Southeast Asian countries (China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.) who work for Japanese companies, so I have a rich experience in teaching Japanese in many fields like daily Japanese and business Japanese. I can also provide lessons of preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I also have teaching experience for Filipino and Indonesian learners who aim to become nurses or certified care workers in Japan, and have taught not only Japanese language but also Japanese culture.
With many years of teaching experience for learners of different nationalities and different backgrounds, I am confident that I will be able to meet your different needs.
I am interested in music, movies, sports and travel. I listen to various genres of music. I play the flute. I also like watching movies and English dramas. I have traveled to 12 countries so far. I would like to continue to visit many countries.
I am looking forward to learning Japanese with you.
Certificates 資格
・セントラルクィーンズランド大学 教育芸術学部日本語教育修士課程卒業 
・バックネル大学 日本語学科 助手
・海外技術者研修協会 中部研修センター  日本語講師
・名古屋大学 国際言語センター 日本語講師
I passed The Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test.
I graduated from Central Queensland University in Australia. I got a Master’s degree of Education Studies (Japanese as a Second/Foreign Language).
I have experience as a Teaching assistant in the Japanese language department of Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, USA.
I am an instructor of Japanese in The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships [AOTS] and at the International Language Center of Nagoya University.